Daniel’s School

Daniel’s School System

Daniel’s School System is an English Medium School and is an important ministry opportunity to shape young minds. To educate these people will present them with the opportunity to change their culture by teaching them English, give them access to technology, and put an emphasis on fine arts and science. This will be a tuition based school to help support some of the Ten.14 operational needs.

We placed the school in the lowest literacy rate in Pakistan; with less than 31% percent, Bahawalpur is a perfect place.  Most of the area can support paid tuition for their kids, they just lack the opportunity for a good school.

Ten.14 Ministry’s goal is to help both the local community and the Christian community by meeting the demand of quality education. We hope to reach the future generation of Pakistan with the Gospel in a subtle way by incorporating Christian values into standards of the school.

Curriculum Concepts

The courses will use spiral learning, quick concept introduction with frequent reviews and reinforcement.  Our teachers will challenge their students with age group/grade specific courses and enrichment programs.   The lessons will be fun-filled, challenging, and comprehensive with engaging workbooks and hands-on lessons.  We hope to establish creative and motivating lessons to establish students in preschool to elementary in fundamentals of phonics, reading, spelling, and vocabulary, along with math, science, and more.

This school is a blessing to the staff members. As they testify to being respected on job like never before…our philosophy is

“Treat others as you want to be treated,” commonly known as “The Golden Rule.

We believe it will be used to impact and change many lives in the days to come. If you wish to contribute, you may do so by donating online via our website or you can send checks to:


Ten.14 Ministries
P.O.Box 542442
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