Woman’s Worth

Woman’s Worth

Women’s Worth is committed to raising awareness of women’s challenges and issues in Pakistan,especially focusing on the Tribal Women.We make a difference by providing opportunities to enrich and empower their lives.

“Speak up for those who cannot speak for themselves, for the rights of
all who are destitute.” Proverbs 31:8

Miman ministers to Bheel women and children teaching basic hygiene and healthcare.  Miman was recognized for efforts in educating Bheel women and children about basic hygiene,teaching young women pre/postnatal care. She received an International award on Women’s Day for her service and commitment by the Education Department of Rahim Yar Khan city. Miman reaches out to women and children with basic medical care/first aid,as well as sharing the word.She has worked with us since 2009. We have seen tremendous response after adding Miman our only female staff member at this time. We are in need to add more ladies to our staff to
reach the women and children as it is a very segregated and male dominant culture.

We have provided sewing machines and sewing training to several Bheel women over the years.

We are now focusing our attention at the Christian Community in Pakistan. In Pakistan, lack of quality education is a pressing social issue, even more so for women and especially those of Christian community.  In the predominantly male society, skilled training has shown to give
women the confidence and tools by which they can create their own production market for sale and profit. This generates the much needed
opportunity of financial independence otherwise not accessible to them. Our culture in Pakistan does not permit majority of the women to seek employment outside the home. This makes Vocational Training such as Sewing a perfect opportunity for them to run a business out of their home to meet the community’s needs.

The total needed to start the sewing center is $7500…The Lord has provided funding for us to purchase 10 sewing machines.This leaves us
with $6500 to get place,renovate, electric connection,UPS/Generator,water cooler,fan,lights,have furniture made and buying fabric/materials for the girls to learn on… We are praying for provision.